Health benefits of Duku Fruit

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What are Duku Fruit?

Lansium parasiticum, typically recognized in English as Duku Fruit, langsat or lanzones, is a species of tree in the Mahogany family members with commercially cultivated edible fruits. The varieties is mainly grown in Southeast Asia, throughout the Malay Archipelago from Peninsular Thailand, Malaysia and in Indonesia. It is extensively cultivated in southerly Peninsular Malaysia. A few of the preferred common names of the plant are Langsat, Lansa, Lanzon, Lanzone, Lansa, Leang rested, Kokosan, Duku-langsat, Lansones, Boboa, Buahan, Longkong, Bonbon, Bongko, Bongkong, Bijitan, Pitisan, Langsek, Lasak, Lanseh, Ayer-ayer, Bejetlan, Laang-saat, arbol-do-lanza, bòn-bon, duku, duku-langsat, langsat, langsep, lansibaum, lansium, lansones, lanzones, lanzón and also longkong. The plant expands well in blended agro woodlands. The plant, primarily the duku variant, prefers wet, shaded areas. It can be expanded in the very same agro-forest as petai, jengkol, and also durian, along with wood-producing trees.

The material is safe and made use of versus diarrhea and intestinal convulsions. Dried pericarp is used in the treatment of malaria, looseness of the bowels, as well as fever. The bark is plaster on stings of scorpions. Bask product is utilized for dysentery and jungle fever. Dried out peel is shed to push back insects and as scent. The wood is utilized for home articles, rafters, device deals with, and tiny tools. The plant is not tolerant to dry spell, slow-growing, and also shallow-rooted. It is grown by seeds or by budding. An arrow toxin is made from the fruit peel and also tree bark.

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Plant Summary

Duku Fruit is an upright, short-trunked, ordinary sized, evergreen, slender or spreading out tree that usually expands regarding 30 meters (98 ft.) in elevation and 75 centimeters (30 in) in size. Seedling trees thirty years old planted at 8 x 8 meter spacing can have a height of 10 meters as well as size of 25 cm. The trunk expands in an uneven way, with its buttress origins revealing over ground. The tree’s bark is a greyish color, with light and also dark areas. Its resin is thick and also milk tinted. The plant grows well in combined agro forests, damp and also shaded locations. It does finest on deep, abundant, well-drained, sandy loam or various other dirts that are somewhat acid to high as well as neutral in raw material. It is inclined to do inadequately on clay that dries as well as fractures throughout rainless periods, and also is never adapted to alkaline soils. It can not tolerate also a few days of water-logging.


The pinnately compound fallen leaves are odd phoned number, with slim hair, and also 6 to 9 buds at intervals. The buds are elliptical exerciser and lengthy, about 9 to 21 centimeters (3.5 to 8.3 in) long and also 5 to 10 centimeters (2.0 to 3.9 in) vast. The upper edge radiates, and also the fallen leaves themselves have pointed ideas and bases. The stems of the buds determine 5 to 12 millimeters (0.20 to 0.47 in). Leaves are slightly tough, shiny and dark-green on the upper surface, paler and boring below, as well as with famous midrib.


Flowers are located in florescences that expand as well as hang from big branches or the trunk; the bunches might number up to 5 in one location. They are typically branched at their base, procedure 10 to 30 centimeters (3.9 to 11.8 in) in size, as well as have short fur. The blossoms are little, with short stems, and have 2 sexes. Sheathe is formed like a 5 lobed mug as well as is colored a greenish-yellow. The corona is egg-shaped as well as hard, gauging 2 to 3 millimeters (0.079 to 0.118 in) long as well as 4 to 5 millimeters (0.16 to 0.20 in) wide. There is one stamen, measuring 2 millimeters (0.079 in) in size. The top of the endurance is round. The pistil is short and thick. Blooming typically happens from April to June.


Duku fruits are small to medium in size, averaging 2 to 7 centimeters (0.79 to 2.76 in) in size, and are elliptical machine, ovoid or round fit, growing in large clusters of around 10 fruits. Fruits look just like small potatoes as well as are borne in clusters comparable to grapes. Fruits are originally dull environment-friendly ripening to yellow, gold yellow or light orangey yellow as they grow. The thick rind is hard, leathery, as well as tan to fade yellow, establishing brownish spots and also imperfections as the fruit grows. The skin is additionally covered in great hairs providing the fruit a fuzzy look. Beneath the surface area, there is a white, mushy, as well as extremely bitter layer that is easily divided as well as peeled, as well as the flesh is thick, translucent-white, as well as is commonly separated into 1-5 sectors. These sections are juicy, tender, as well as soft with an appearance similar to grapes, as well as the flesh may be seedless or have a few level as well as bitter sampling seeds. Fruit are likewise seedless as they are formed by apomixes. Duku fruits are extremely sour when young, yet as they develop, the fruits develop a sweet-tart taste with light level of acidity, reminiscent of grapefruit as well as Pomelo. It is consumed fresh, made right into sweets, maintained in syrup, and refined right into a glass of wine.

Varieties of Duku Fruit

There are two unique botanical varieties

1) L. domesticum var. pubescens:

It is the typical wild langsat which is a rather slender, open tree with hairy branchlets and nearly round, thick-skinned fruits having a lot milky latex.

2) var. domesticum:

Likewise called the doekoe, duku, or dookoo, which is an extra durable tree, broad-topped and also largely foliaged with conspicuously-veined brochures; the fruits, birthed couple of to a collection, are oblong-ovoid or ellipsoid, with thin, brownish skin, only faintly aromatic and also containing little or no milklike latex.

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Health benefits of Duku fruit

Duku tree – pixabay

Here are some of the advantages of fruit for health and wellness that you ought to understand:

1. Counters Cancer cells

Langsat, aside from its flesh is good for your diet plan, its skin is likewise excellent to treat cancer cells and is very powerful in protecting against the recreation of cancer cells (just ensure that you clean it very carefully before you eat it). It consists of lots of nutrition, minerals, fibers, and also vitamins which is stated to be beneficial for treating cancer mostly the ones related with our gastrointestinal system.

2. Avoid Premature Aging

Duku fruit is fairly valuable for stopping premature aging. Among the aspects creating premature aging is because of totally free radicals. As pointed out over, vitamin C in this fruit is quite reliable to maintain the body from totally free extreme attack.

Vitamin C is also useful for shielding lipid proteins, nucleic acids, and also carbs from damage brought on by free radicals or air pollution or toxins.

3. Enhances Our Teeth as well as Bones

Langsat fruit consists of vitamin A, likewise called retinol or carotenoid, and also phosphorus. Vitamin A is really a vitamin soluble in fats, which plays a vital role in preserving teeth and also skeletal bone. Phosphorus too serves as an agent for bone as well as teeth development. Consuming langsat fruit will certainly enable even more of these nutrient to enter your body.

4. Great For Digestive System

Duku fruits consist of very high fiber so it is considered valuable for food digestion. Furthermore, this fruit is also nourishing to avoid cancer cells in the gastrointestinal tract. The material of calories, minerals and also iron in the fruit is extra when compared to apples or sweet oranges.

5. Keeping Gum Wellness

Periodontal health and wellness can be dealt with by eating vitamin C. As currently stated that the duku fruit have vitamin C web content that assists to maintain healthy and balanced gums.

6. Source of Antioxidant

Duku fruit has the advantages of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidant itself is a nutrient that works to prevent the body from damage caused by totally free radicals. This damages is commonly triggered by a procedure of food digestion that transforms food right into power in the body. Anti-oxidants likewise play a role to stop the body from damage triggered by contamination and also toxic substances.

7. Boost Body Immune System

Vitamin C is needed for every person to maintain their body healthy. The web content of vitamin C in the fruit duku takes to preserve immunity and also efficacious also for people who remain in the healing duration.

8. For diabetes mellitus

This fruit is thought about to be a healthy treat for people with diabetes as its high fiber material, along with the visibility of the antioxidant polyphenol, help in boosting sugar levels by decreasing the absorption of sugar.

9. Prevents Malaria

We understand that remove from chichona plant can aid you in protecting against malaria specifically if you are taking a trip to exotic areas. Current study suggests that langsat fruit gives substance that works against chloroquine-resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum among the protozoa that creates malaria. Remove of langsat fruit disturbs the life process of Plasmodium falciparum as well as are energetic versus a chloroquine-resistant strain of the bloodsucker.

10. Reduce weight

Duku fruit is not intended that it can also be utilized to slim down. Duku fruit will certainly aid the body to obtain carnitine. Carnitine will certainly route the fat particle to a fat-burning cells. These fat molecules should be considered for anyone that is slimming down due to the fact that if there is an absence of fat particles, the body will certainly really feel worn out and also absence of power.

So, if the carnitine in the body reduces fat buildup will take place. Duku fruit container also be taken in addition to the benefits of apples for those who are undertaking a diet plan program.

11. Remedies Worm Infection

Langsat seeds are reliable in treating the kid’s digestive worm infection if your child endures from intestinal tract worm infection. These herbal methods are simpler to be done as well as are safer to be used regularly compared to medication based worm therapy. Again, you must offer the seed in a mixture of smashed seed with water as recommended over to acquire the maximum benefit of the treatment.

12. Keep Skin Health

Skin health and wellness can be maintained by often consuming foods which contain vitamin E benefits. Duku fruit additionally includes great amount of vitamin E so it is effective to preserve skin health such as prevent premature aging, softens and also softens the skin, maintain skin moist, maintain skin from UV rays and helps recover injuries.

13. Controlling Cholesterol Levels

Metabolic process of cholesterol in the body will certainly come to be bile acids. For individuals with cholesterol condition, this can be assisted by frequent intake of duku fruit.

14. Soothes migraine attacks

Several study has revealed the positive effect of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) in reducing and also combating a migraine strike, this fruit (including a significant amount of this vitamin) might be included in the listing of foods migraine patients can include in their diet regimen to lower the possibilities of an assault.

15. Accelerate recovery

The material of vitamin C in Duku fruit had the ability to quicken the recuperation process for those who are sick. This is due to the fact that vitamin C is an active anti-oxidant that can bring back bodily functions. Nonetheless, duku is not the best fruit for this trouble. If it remains in the procedure of recuperation, it is advised to consume grapefruit, papaya, bananas or apples.

16. Dealing with worms

Youngsters are extremely susceptible to the worm due to the fact that it does not recognize effectively concerning sanitation. Likewise prohibited dilemma due to play in the soil is a really affordable point to create a child’s electric motor nerves. If your child has signs of worms, such as lackluster, light, weight loss and constant scraping the anus, you ought to promptly treat it. Guanka duku deal with the issue. Take seeds of duku, and also crunch carefully till ground. Combine with 1/4 cup water and beverage 2 times a day.

17. Lowers High temperature

Added to the numerous nutrition that remain in langsat fruit flesh, other parts of langsat fruit container also be used. It seeds has been known to be able to lower fever. Typically, you don’t wish to eat seeds because it taste bitter, but in cases where you need to we recommend you to crush them thoroughly initially this way the nutrients are drawn out most as well as brew it with hot water. To squash the langsat seeds, you require to dry them first. When the seeds are completely dry sufficient to be baked, crush the seeds. After that, brew the smashed langsat seeds with cozy water.

18. Treat looseness of the bowels

Looseness of the bowels in children is caused by taking in foods that are spicy or less than clean. However you need not worry because the duku seeds can treat looseness of the bowels. Powdered duku seeds are blended with 1/4 mug of water and drink.

20. Treats Bug and Scorpion Bites

Whether you remain in the center of a trip in the wild and get attacked by bugs or perhaps a scorpion or simply spending time your residence. Langsat tree especially the bark can be made use of as medication to treat insect attacks or scorpion attacks. To make use of the bark of fruit: start by taking the starch kept in the tree bark. Starch is then put on the component attacked by pests or scorpions and also left to run out. Do this treatment process a number of times up until the bite wound is no more swollen and also entirely cured.

21. Treats Dysentery

Study have lately shown that langsat tree bark extract serves in treating dysentery illness, there is also a great deal of regional societies that utilizes langsat tree to treat dysentery.

22. Counters Complimentary Radical

We have actually discussed before regarding how langsat fruit container help avoid cancer cells especially gastrointestinal related cancer cells such as colon cancer. Langsat fruit has the capability to fend off cost-free radicals in the body. Free radical can cause damage in cell DNA which brings about failure of cell reproduction. This leads to a great deal of persistent illness. By eating langsat fruit, we will certainly likewise be kept away from these other illness caused by complimentary radicals that might be prowling for our health and wellness.

23. Can be utilized as Eye Drop

Have something that irritates your eyes but don’t have an eye drop? Langsat fruit essences can help replace the requirement for an eye drop. Langsat fruit leaves can be integrated with langsat tree’s bark after that made. As soon as the liquid is acquired, it can be used as an eye drop for inflammatory in the eye.

duku fruit – Pixabay

Duku Benefits for Beauty

In addition to health as well as medication, the benefits duku could likewise be really felt in the world of appeal. Amongst them help get rid of acne, nail care and also keep hair’s natural wetness.

Remove Acne

Lots of fruits have actually been made use of as a natural acne treatment. Starting from lime, papaya, tomato and also lemon, Duku also have the same capability, though not as effective fruits that have actually been mentioned above.

Keep the hair’s natural wetness

Duku additionally can maintain the hair’s natural dampness from within, thanks to their dietary web content. Yet you also can do upkeep outside with manjadikannya as an all-natural mask for the hair. Along with keeping the moisture, additionally stops hair loss, as well as nourish hair.

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Traditional uses as well as benefits of Duku Fruit

  • In traditional medicine, the bark is thought about astringent and also its decoction has been used for dysentery in Java, Borneo, and Malaya.
  • Product of the bark as well as leaves has been made use of in the treatment of dysentery and also Jungle fever.
  • Powdered bark is used as a plaster treatment for scorpion stings.
  • Wood tar has been utilized for blackening teeth.
  • Sap from the leaves has actually been used as eye drop for aching eyes.
  • Juice of the bark and also fruit skin is tape-recorded as a Dyak arrowhead poisonous substance.
  • Bitter seeds, ground and also combined with water, were provided to children against worm.
  • Bitter seeds, smashed, were made use of to cure fevers among the Sakai in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Material from bark was suggested for flatulence, for swellings and as an antispasmodic as well as was likewise considered beneficial in the therapy of inflammation and colic of the gastro-intestinal system.
  • Tincture prepared from the dried skin, was likewise beneficial, as an anti-colic or anti-diarrheic.
  • Material is non-toxic and utilized versus looseness of the bowels as well as intestinal tract spasms.
  • Dried pericarp is utilized in the treatment of jungle fever, diarrhea, and high temperature.
  • Dried peel is melted to push back insects and also as incense.
  • Resin is safe and carried out to stop looseness of the bowels and also intestinal tract spasms.
  • Crushed seed is utilized as a febrifuge as well as vermifuge.
  • The fallen leave juice is made use of as eye-drops to eliminate swelling.
  • Pounded seeds are contributed to water to be drunk as a medicine for abscess and also deworming.
  • Powdered bark is used as a plaster to deal with scorpion stings.

Culinary Uses

  • Thick, wonderful, weakly fragrant aril of ripe fruit is eaten fresh as well as can be protected in syrup.
  • It is consumed fresh, made right into sweets, protected in syrup, as well as refined into red wine.
  • Fruit can be taken in raw or cooked.
  • Seeds can in some cases cling very tightly to the flesh as well as can after that impart their bitterness to the fruit.
  • Peel of the langsat is conveniently eliminated as well as the flesh is frequently consumed out-of-hand or served as treat, and also might be prepared in different ways.
  • The peeled off, seedless or seeded fruits are container in syrup or often candied.

Other facts

  • Light brown wood is durable and utilized for residence posts, device takes care of, rafters and also little utensils.
  • The plant is not tolerant to dry spell, slow-growing, as well as shallow-rooted.
  • The tree is made use of in reforestation of uneven areas.
  • The peel is reportedly high in tannin.
  • Wood tar, derived by purification, is made use of to smudge the teeth.
  • The timber is light-brown, medium-hard, fine-grained, difficult, resilient and elastic, considering 840 kg/ cu m.
  • This fruit was concerned to be dangerous and obtained its name from the Filipino word lason (definition poison).
  • Traditionally in the Philippines, dried skin of lanzones was charred and utilized as a katol (repellant) to repel mosquitoes as well as also as scent adheres to include scent in rooms of ill people.
  • Trees in the Nilgiris ordinary 30 lbs. (13.5 kg) of fruits yearly.
  • In the Philippines, an effective tree standards 1,000 fruits per year.
  • It is the rural blossom for the Indonesian province of South Sumatra.

Safety measures.

  • An arrowhead poisonous substance is made from the fruit peel as well as the bark of the tree.
  • Consuming raw fruits is unwanted as it consists of tannins, as well as for that reason triggers bitterly astringent result on the tongue, palates and also throat.
  • Chewing langsat seeds can trigger bitter aftertaste as well as unpleasant feeling.
  • People with diabetic issues require to avoid eating too much of them at one go as a result of their high sugar material.
  • Over-consumption could affect your health negatively as it is among the fruits known to cause gas as well as bloating.


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