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What are Longan Fruit?

Dimocarpus longan, commonly referred to as the longan (UK:/ ˈlɒŋɡən/; US:/ ˈlɑːŋɡən/,/ ˈlɔːŋɡən/), is an exotic tree that generates edible fruit. It is among the better-known tropical members of the soapberry family members (Sapindaceae), to which the lychee also belongs. This sort of fruit is exceptionally favored in China as well as is additionally acknowledged by its regional title pinyin, which recommends ‘dragon eye’ because the place where the pit and even seed is located appearances like an eye. In addition to longan it is likewise understood as Dragon’s eye, Dragon’s eye fruit, Lungan, Feline’s Eye, Eyeball, Mamoncillo Chino. The fruit month are in between mid and additionally late summer season and also is also gathered right after lychee. The longan tree produces fruits in groups, two times annual i.e. finishing of the dry period and also throughout late summer time.

The plant is belonging to southerly China, in the districts of Kwangtung, Kwangsi, Schezwan and also Fukien, Hainan, Yunnan and is additionally referred to as the lychee’s little brother. The longan is simply a little larger than an olive and isn’t quite as delicious like a lychee. The fruit of the longan tree ripens just a little later than the lychee and also is additionally capable to establish at decreased temperature arrays and is additionally significantly less requiring concerning its establishing situations.

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Benefits of Longan (Canva)


Longan is a fast-growing, evergreen, well-branched, fruit tree regarding 10 to 12 m (32.5 to 39 ft.) tall, but might reach elevations of 40 m (130 ft.), with a size of up to 1 m. The plant expands well in cozy subtropical locations and prospers best on a rich sandy loam and almost as well on reasonably acid, rather organic, sand. It also grows to a plus size as well as births heavily in oolitic sedimentary rock. Plant has a rough corky trunk with size reaching 1 m as well as dark brown, lenticellata branches. Branches are pilosulose (covered with long soft hairs), and also are spread with glaucous lenticels (waxy pores).


The evergreen, alternating, paripinnate leaves have 4 to 10 contrary brochures, elliptic, lanceolate or ovate-oblong, blunt-tipped; 4 to 8 in (10-20 centimeters) long and 1 3/8 to 2 in (3.5-5 cm) vast; leathery, wavy, glossy-green on the upper surface, grayish-green and also minutely unshaven below.


Longan Flowers – pixabay

Blossom are pale-yellow, 5- to 6-petalled, hairy-stalked blossoms, bigger than those of the lychee, are borne in upright incurable panicles, male as well as female mingled.


Fruit hangs in sagging collections that are circular as well as about 1.25– 3 cm in size and also are typically yellowish brownish or in some cases grayish yellow. The peel is tan, thin, and leathery with tiny hairs. The flesh is transparent, and the seed is huge as well as black with a circular white area at the base. This offers the illusion of an eye. The flesh has a musky, pleasant preference, which can be compared to the taste the lychee fruit.

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Health benefits of Longan

Longan Porridge – pixabay

Longan fruits are extremely prominent for their medical benefits. These fresh tasty as well as sweet longan have much more health benefits than we can consider. Listed here are a few of the prominent health benefits of eating longan fruit:

1. Heart health

Heart issues are due to the harmful problem of heart triggered by several issues. Longan fruit contain good amount of magnesium and also potassium which are rather helpful for typical functioning of the heart. It aids in kicking back the muscles and the nerves attached to heart organ which affects the blood pressure.

2. Help in Controlling Blood Pressure

As we understand that balanced quantity of magnesium and potassium is needed for maintaining blood pressure level. Longan consists of good amount of minerals so it is rather beneficial for keeping blood degree. So include longan in your normal diet regimen to have actually balanced blood pressure level.

3. Helps in Weight Management

Fruit is among the crucial parts of the weight reduction program. Longan is a great source of carbohydrate which is vital to develop power, so even during diet regimen the body will certainly get sufficient stamina as well as at the very same time aid in decreasing your food craving in the direction of foods. In addition to that longan also includes appropriate amount of water which will maintain your body hydrated.

4. Stops the development of Cancer

Virtually all fruits are abundant resource of antioxidant and are effective remedy to stop the growth of malignant cell. Malignant cells are brought on by the without treatment broken cells triggered by totally free radicals. The very best way to manage it is by getting rid of the damaged cells prior to it will certainly impact any healthy cells. Polyphenols has capability in handling those damaged cells and also at the very same time assisting in regeneration of healthy as well as new cells. Longan fruit is a fantastic resource of polyphenols so including this fruit in your diet regimen is best for taking care of cancer cells.

5. Outstanding Stress Treatment

Tension is one of one of the most usual psychological troubles, people are encountering throughout the world and the major sources of stress and anxiety are harmful social life, work stress and a lot more. Routine consumption of longan is among the ideal options to manage stress and anxiety since it contains certain materials that assist in relaxing the stress.

6. Good for Bone Health And Wellness

Mineral shortage and also age aspect is one of the primary cause behind bad bone conditions. Primarily the females that entered postmenopausal stage are experiencing particular bone problems like weakening of bones as a result of not enough mineral. Longan consists of good amount of minerals like magnesium, copper and also potassium so female with early osteoporosis signs and symptoms could at the very least slower the deterioration of bone cells if they often consume longan fruit.

7. Anemia

Longan contains good amount of Iron which is rather vital for taking care of Anemia. Iron is very important for generating red blood cells; proper amount of red cell in the body implies zero risk of Anemia. In addition Longan is a fantastic source of Vitamin C and this vitamin is all-natural substances which aid in improving the absorption of Iron.

8. Healthy Metabolic process

Riboflavin which is located generously in longan fruit is quite necessary for healthy and balanced metabolic rate. This material has payment in stimulating special enzymes that might aid body enhancing the procedure of fats, carbohydrate as well as proteins in correct way.

9. Great For Eye Sight

Riboflavin is a crucial Vitamin B complicated which is crucial for decreasing the danger of eye conditions particularly Cataract. Routine consumption of longan for long term assists to decrease the danger of age associated conditions that generally affects the vision as soon as the individual gets to elderly age.

Longan Fruit (pixabay)

10. Natural treatment for Belly

Longan consists of particular compounds which can assist as natural remedy to cure numerous belly problems like pain and also infections. Because of its antimicrobial activities it aids to deal with a number of stomach troubles by removing or eliminating the root reason for infections.

11. Beneficial for Oral Health And Wellness

As stated prior to longan fruit is composed of good amount if Vitamin C. Vitamin C is quite useful for keeping damaged membrane layers, hence regular consumption of longan assists in preserving oral wellness. Considering that it is mineral rich fruit, it also aids in preserving the solid teeth structure.

12. Sex Tonic

Because ancient times, longan is considered among the finest sex tonics by Chinese. Chinese identified longan as natural medication at the very first time because of its capability to give longer energy which benefits any kind of sex.

13. Anti-Ageing

Polyphenols discovered in longan is considered one of the most effective natural resources of anti- aging. However polyphenols has quick response in the direction of complimentary radicals as well as will certainly eliminate it from body system to avoid healthy and balanced cells being impacted. Hence regeneration of cells is carried out efficiently without interference that makes longan effective anti-ageing.

14. Wound Recovery Enhancer

Vitamin C as well as Vitamin B are those important vitamins that are vital to repair damaged cells. Wound is likewise a sort of the damaged skin cell as well as vitamin C aids to repair the damaged tissues. Considering that it likewise operates as anti- microbial, it likewise avoids the injuries from further infections. Open injuries are conveniently polluted by microorganisms. Consist of Longan in your diet regimen to obtain required amount of vitamins.

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Background History

Longan Leaves – pixabay

Longan is indigenous to southern China, in the districts of Kwangtung, Kwangsi, Schezwan and also Fukien, Hainan, Yunnan, in between elevations of 150– 700 m. The species has likewise reported to be found in India, Sri Lanka, Upper Myanmar, North Thailand, Kampuchea, North Vietnam as well as New Guinea. The crop is mainly grown in southerly China, Taiwan as well as north Thailand, Kampuchea, Laos and also Vietnam with small acreages elsewhere in India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Queensland (Australia) and also Florida (USA). Scattered trees are discovered at higher altitudes in South-East Asia. Longan is additionally grown in the Get-together and Mauritius. Nowadays due to its higher nutritional value and also wonderful preference it is expanded throughout the globe with ideal atmosphere.


There are some distinct variations of longan that are additionally down.

1. Chompoo longan

It truly is little in dimensions that have yellow tan shade. It is simply a Thai variety along with huge, top-notch fruit having a pale pink dash within the flesh. It actually is relatively pleasant in taste.

2. Kohala Seed starting

A close relative to the lychee tree yet much larger, extra durable as well as much colder immune. The fruit is delightfully wonderful in flavor. The shade of the fruit is darkish grey to reddish corrosion. The taste is fantastic.

3. Haew

Haew is actually a late maturing cultivar. The excellent quality fruit is modest to huge in measurements having a somewhat tiny seed. The shade of the fruity is gold brown.

4. Kohala marcotted

Strongly related to lychees, longons are considerably pertained to in south eastern asia.It really is bigger in size together with dark tan shade. It’s got aromatic taste.

5. Wu Yuan

Wu Yuan (” black sphere”) has tiny, sour fruit utilized for canning. The tree is vigorous and plants are valued as rootstocks. ‘Kao Yuan’ is believed to be a somewhat better kind of this variety and is widely tinned.

6. Tsao ho

‘ Tsao ho’ (‘ Very Early Rice’) is the earliest selection and a kind called ‘Ch’ i chin tsao ho’ precedes it by 2 weeks. In quality, both are substandard to ‘Wu Yuan’.

7. She p’ i

‘ She p’ i’ (‘ Snake skin’) has the biggest fruit, as huge as a little lychee and slightly lengthened. The skin is harsh, the seed big, several of the juice is between the flesh and the rind, as well as the quality is reduced. Its only benefit is that it is really late in period.

8. Hua Kioh

‘ Hua Kioh’ (‘ Flower Skin’), slightly lengthened, has thin, nearly unsavory flesh, several of the juice is between the flesh and the rind, as well as the total quality is poor. It is hardly ever circulated vegetatively.

More about Longan

The fruit is usually just consumed on its own since it includes a fragile taste easily compromised by numerous other food items. Purchase longan when they’re still on the stem in the market– fruits off the stem and generally also ripe to be in their finest by the time you get them home. See to it the skin is free from mildew and additionally spots. Due to the stronger skin, the fruit is a lot less spoilable in contrast to lychee.

The flesh of the fruit is considered as a solution for poison whilst the dried flesh taken like a tea may be utilized to handle sleeplessness and additionally neurasthenic neurosis. In Vietnam the seed is constricted alongside snakebite in the thought that it’ll take in the poison.

Storage space

To keep longan, cover them within a paper towel to take in extreme wetness and put them in a punctured plastic bag within the refrigerator. They’ll maintain for simply two– 3 weeks, even though they have a tendency to drop a few of their preference as time passes. For optimum taste, they must be eaten as swiftly as feasible. Longan can be frozen within their covering.

Traditional usages and benefits of Longan

– Dried flesh of the fruit is provided as an abdominal, febrifuge as well as vermifuge, and also is pertained to as a remedy for poison in traditional herbal medicines.

– Product of the dried flesh is taken as a tonic and also therapy for sleeplessness as well as neurasthenic neurosis.

– The “eye” of the longan seed is pressed against a serpent bite in the belief that it will certainly soak up the venom in both North and also South Vietnam.

– Longan fruit has been utilized in the conventional Chinese medicinal formula, acting as a representative in relief of neural discomfort and also swelling.

– Seeds are typically given to persons to combat heavy sweating.

– Shattered bit, which includes tannin, fat and also saponin, functions as a styptic.

– Product of the dried flesh is taken as a restorative and also therapy for insomnia and neurasthenic neurosis.

– Consuming longan fruit is regarded an all-natural treatment for treating a belly pain.

– Fruit assists to improve as well as enhance the body immune system and this assists the body fight against numerous illness.

– It is rich in potassium and is for that reason helpful in keeping one’s blood pressure as well as keeping it normal.

– Consuming dried longan fruit is believed to aid heal individuals of sleeping disorders like insomnia.

– It is used to deal with health and wellness problems such as amnesia and neurasthenic neurosis.

– Fresh fruit of the longan tree is usually consumed to reduce and also bring down high fevers.

Culinary Makes use of

– Fruit pulp is ideal eaten fresh, icy or out-of-hand, thawed out and consumed.

– Fruit is also eaten prepared in various foods, canned or dried out in its own juice or in syrup.

– Tinned longan is typically used in various hot or cool desserts.

– Dried longan is generally made use of in Eastern natural soups, as snacks, treat, drink and also sweet-and-sour food.

– Dried out longan is a bupin fruit utilized to make bupin.

– Liqueur is made by macerating the longan flesh in alcohol.

– Fruit is eaten fresh out of hand or in fruit salads or they might be prepared right into juice, canned, candied or dried out.

Longan Dish Concepts as well as Makes Use Of

– Stew longan in sugar and additionally syrup: they’ll maintain for a lengthy duration.

– Their fairly sweet invigorating taste makes longan an excellent choice for sorbet.

– Cut the fruit as a component of an unique salad as well as can consist of along with pineapple, carambola together with a soy-based dressing.

– Usage in jello dishes, as their appearance matches those of jello’s.

– Make vodka jello shots as well as also consist of pieces of the fresh fruit.

– Dry the flesh on the slow, open fire as well as also include some smoky fruit to soups.

– Serve cut longan along with cantaloupe or any type of other melons in addition to coconut ice lotion.

Healthy Longan Fruit Recipes.

1. Longan and red day soup.


– 1 mug dried Chinese red dates.

– 1 mug dried out longan flesh.

– 8 cups area temperature water.

– 1/2 mug rock sugar (Chinese preferred).


– Mix the red dates, water as well as longan fruit and also cook to a boil.

– Include the rock sugar and after that cook until soup-like uniformity.

– This typically takes about half an hour. Offer warm or cool as well as serve as a chilly soup later.

2. Stir-fried poultry with longan.

This simple yet classy 3-part recipe is very easy to make and also remarkable to share.

Active ingredients.

Components for sauce.

– 2 teaspoons of soy sauce.

– 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

– 1tablespoon of corn starch.

Ingredients for sauce.

– 4 tbsps of water.

– 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.

– 1/2 tsp of cornstarch.

– 2 teaspoons of wonderful soy sauce.

– 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Components for primary portion.

– 10-ounce boneless chicken breast.

– 1 can longans, drained, washed and diced.

– 1/4 mug added virgin olive oil or light virgin olive oil.

– 1 red bell pepper, diced.


  • Mix the salt, soy as well as cornstarch sauce in a bowl. Set it aside for later usage.
  • Integrate all sauce components in different bowl and blend well.
  • Cut the chicken into bite-sized items as well as take in the marinate for at the very least thirty minutes. Soak the longan fruit in salted water for 15 minutes, then drainpipe and also piece in half.
  • Use a frying pan and also cook the poultry making use of the olive oil. As the hen softens, include the diced pepper, sauce and also longan fruit.
  • Cook for one more 2 mins and also the sauce will certainly thicken as the hen completes cooking. Serve over jasmine or brown rice.

Other Facts

  • Both lychee and also longan are taken into consideration as ‘cozy fruit’.
  • Seeds are rich in saponins as well as are used as hair shampoo.
  • Both the fruit as well as the seed flesh of longan have a number of medical uses.
  • The red, tough longan wood is rarely reduced for lumber.
  • Wood is utilized for blog posts, farming executes, furniture as well as building.
  • Seeds and also the skin are melted for fuel.
  • Overripe, purple-fleshed longan develops mouthwatering, musky, poignant taste resembling garlic as well as onions.

Side effects of taking in excessive Longan fruit

1. Stay Clear Of Longan during Maternity

Healthy expectant female can still able to eat fewer quantity of longan but eating way too much may cause numerous troubles like bleeding and in worst instance even miscarriage. As a result of this factor, regardless of just how nutritious it is, it should be stayed clear of in all price while pregnant.

2. Bad throughout Hot summer season days

Because Longan are composed of high quantity of water, it likewise includes residential properties that make body warmer so it is not positive for hot summertime days. In Situation you consume it then you will certainly really feel some sort of melting sensations in your body. So avoid its usage throughout summertime days. Nonetheless consuming longan as component of fruit salad or fruit punch is still tolerable as long as you consume it in a minimal amount.

3. Relatively High in Sugar

Longan contains relatively high quantity of sugar. Because it is high in sugar individuals who are currently in diet regimen program must not consume it in higher amounts. Diabetes clients should completely prevent this fruit, given that their body can not manage the sugar degree in the blood. Consuming longan will just make the condition even worse.

Longan Information Fact

Longan is a small exotic fruit that closely looks like the lychee, both in terms of taste and also appearance. This fruit is thought about to have come from either the location between India as well as Burma or in China. It is now expanded in numerous components of the world such as Sri Lanka, South India, a number of Southeastern Asian nations along with South China. The fruit is either round or oval with a translucent pulp as well as consists of one solitary, black seed. The longan tree is an evergreen tree which expands to an elevation of regarding 9-12 meters. There are several varieties of the Longan fruit currently, such as “Kohala” which is found in Hawaii and ‘Hei ho shih hsia’ as well as ‘Chin ch’ i ho shih hsia’.


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