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Evanescence ruptured onto the scene with their debut CD, ‘Fallen,’ in 2003, and have supplied a variety of dynamic rock hits for many years. Led by the ethereal-voiced Amy Lee, the band has actually just released 3 CDs, however they’ve all included unforgettable songs. From early singles like ‘Bring Me To Life’ and ‘Going Under’ to their current hits like ‘What You Want’ and also ‘My Heart Is Broken,’ Evanescence have actually mesmerized a worldwide target market with their special sound. Below, we present our list of the Top 10 Evanescence Songs:

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10. ‘My Heart is Broken’

From ‘Evanescence’ (2011)

‘My Heart Is Broken’ is the second solitary from 2011’s ‘Evanescence’ as well as quickly ended up being a follower favorite. Lee stated the song was inspired by her participation with ‘Restore NYC,’ a company that saves the sufferers of sex trafficking. Lee, that commonly throws herself right into her tunes full blast, considers this song one of one of the most enthusiastic tracks on the brand-new album.

9. ‘Lithium’

From ‘The Open Door’ (2006)

Not a Nirvana cover, as well as not a song about medicines, a minimum of not in the literal feeling, it’s an extra concerning that feeling numb that occasionally takes over. Amy Lee’s sweeping vocals enhance her having fun grand piano on this tune that is just one of the many highlights on the band’s second offering, ‘The Open Door’.

8. ‘Swimming Home’

From ‘Evanescence’ (2011)

Lee has actually confessed that she went through a stage where she was heavily influenced by electronic music. While the majority of that impact didn’t make its method onto ‘Evanescence,’ there is a hint of it in the song ‘Swimming Home.’ Lee learned to play harp during the band’s down time as well as we hear it on this track, which she claims was written from the perspective of somebody going on right into the following life.

7. ‘Going Under’

From ‘Fallen’ (2003)

‘ Going Under’ was another song generated by a bad partnership, yet the genuine message is empowerment. It’s the lively siren’s excellent sector ready, anthemic rocker. Amy’s vocals transform from a whisper to a scream throughout the song, flaunting her large range and also capacity to control her larger than life pipes.

6. ‘The End of the Dream’

From ‘Evanescence’ (2011)

Evanescence appear to be attracted to discussing life and fatality and the rooms in between, and also ‘End of the Dream’ is a song that touches on that. Lee calls the song her “understanding of fatality as well as my relationship with it, and life.” The psychological rocker is one of the standout tracks on ‘Evanescence’ and a tip to “follow your heart, even when it injures” because life doesn’t last forever.

5. ‘Hi-Lo’

From ‘Fallen’ (2003)

Although Lee has actually never ever reviewed the deeply personal nature of the song ‘Hello’ in great depth, the song speaks for itself both in appeal as well as remembrance. Covered one of her siblings that passed away at a young age, the song dramatizes layers of beauty and discomfort that often only music can provide. Lee constantly seems to locate a means to offer up a shoulder to lean on, also through her very own discomfort, as well as this song is an excellent example of that.

4. ‘What You Want’

From ‘Evanescence’ (2011)

Noting their triumphant return after an uncertain break, ‘What You Want’ is the very first single Evanescence debuted from their newest 2011 self-titled release. The song, high on power and also mindset, served as the perfect welcome back anthem when it was released over the summer season, and assisted led the way for the success of the album.

3. ‘My Immortal’

From ‘Fallen’ (2003)

‘ My Immortal,’ one more track from Evanescence’s launching release ‘Fallen’ is a hauntingly beautiful song. It acts as an excellent tip of the payments that former guitarist Ben Moody offered the band. If you’ve ever shed a person special, you might locate some relief in this song set to the gorgeous heavenly voice of Amy Lee.

2. ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’

From ‘The Open Door’ (2006)

‘Call me When You’re Sober’ is Lee’s completely crafted ode to an ex-boyfriend. It’s a song that anyone who’s ever remained in a tricky partnership can likely connect to ready to an indisputably addictive melody. Amy’s sisters Carrie and Lori made special guest appearances on the song, also, vocal singing back-up vocals as well as making it an actual family event.

1. ‘Bring Me To Life’

From ‘Fallen’ (2003)

A lot of Evanescence followers can bear in mind where they were the first time they listened to ‘Bring Me to Life.’ It quit this music follower dead in her tracks with the immediate question ‘Who was that?”. It was a song that transformed the landscape of music at the time, reestablishing a powerful woman lead vocal right into a rock scene that was predominately male and also seeking a little shot of feminine adrenaline.

What’s Your Favorite Evanescence Song?

Which of these tracks is your favorite Evanescence song? What tunes did we miss out on?


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