Classical Music Therapy for Fetus

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Classical Music Therapy for Fetus

In the process of an individual’s life in the womb to adulthood, one important aspect is the development of brain development. Continuous efforts to spur the development of the left or right brain needs to be done in various ways or methods that wise among other things by providing sound stimuli, including music, and from the results of a study it turns out that the fetus in the womb is given stimulus sound / music can stimulate baby intelligence after born.

Why Music Therapy

The active participation of pregnant mothers and mothers after delivery through classical music therapy are expected to spur the development of fetus / baby to be individuals who are intelligent, creative, and mature personality.

The womb is more like a “classroom” and not just “waiting room” as expected so far. The fetus has also been able to hear clearly at the age of 6 months in the womb. So that it can be wiggled her body to the rhythm tone of her voice or her way of speaking.

In addition, the fetus was able to learn a little about the music at the age of four and a half months. That is, it certainly fetus can react to sounds and melodies in different ways depending on the rhythm or beat of the music. For example, if played song with a gentle rhythm, then the fetus will feel uneasy even calm or relaxed. Conversely, if we play the songs with fast rhythms and stomping like a rock song, it is the quietest of the fetus will be kicked and active.

Classical Music Therapy for Fetus (canva)


Many of the benefits of music therapy for pregnant mothers / mothers after delivery in preparing the fetus becomes a child smart and qualified, among others:

  1. for pregnant women / mothers after childbirth and fetus / infant, music therapy can cause psychological reactions, because music can be soothing (relaxation) and also provides stimulation (stimulation).
  2. Through music therapy can meet the future baby / child more brilliant, due to the globalization era takes individuals who have skills “brain” will be held in high regard, and is needed when compared with individuals who only rely on the strength of “muscle”.
  3. Activity of music therapy can help expectant mothers in order to maintain a balance between physical health, mind, and emotions.
  4. Through stimuli music that is played to the fetus / baby regularly, it can provide a huge influence for the growth and development of the baby someday in the future.
  5. in the child will eventually grow strong personality and he is able to absorb a lot of things.
  6. Kids can absorb the music, meaning it is also able to understand the feelings of others.

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