Whatever You Need To Know about Cloud of Daggers 5e

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Cloud of Daggers 5e

Cloud of daggers dnd 5e is a conjuration spell available to the Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard classes in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Cloud of daggers often tends to get overlooked in favor of spells that deal with higher damage (dragon’s breath, shatter) or use even more energy (crawler climb, recommendation). While these are fair factors to consider, there is more going with a cloud of daggers than straight-up damage or narrative utility. Before getting involved in the core, allows have a look at the spell discovered on web page 222 of the Player’s Handbook.


  • Level: 2
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Elements: V, S, M (a sliver of glass).
  • Period: Concentration, approximately 1 minute.

You load the air with spinning daggers in a dice 5 feet on each side, fixated a factor you choose within an array. A creature takes 4d4 slashing damage when it goes into the spell’s area for the very first time on a turn or begins its turn there.

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Higher Level

When you cast this spell utilizing a spell port of the 3rd level or greater, the damage increases by 2d4 for every slot level over 2nd.

Cloud Of Daggers 5e Sage Advice– Area of Effect

Before relocating onto excellent ways of combining cloud of daggers with various other impacts to optimize its efficiency, we ought to take some sensible guidance into account. For those people who normally have fun with a battle grid, we could be lured to limit the casting of the cloud of daggers to a 5-foot square on the grid. However, as Jeremy Crawford keeps in mind in this Sage Advice column, the area of effect for the cloud is not always limited to the 5-foot squares of the combat grid. The cloud might occupy fifty percent of two surrounding squares, as an example. Eventually, the choice of whether the spell’s effect has to “snap-to-grid” is up to your GM. However, it is not unreasonable to suggest that by having the area of effect partly cover two squares on the grid, creatures attempting to move right into or with those squares might have to press, move acrobatically, make a saving throw, etc. in order to avoid the spell’s effect.

Cloud of Daggers Damage When Cast– Magical Damage?

Initially look, 4d4 damage appears a little uninspired, particularly since the damage is not dealt right away. The spell deals an average of 10 magical slashing damage to a creature the very first time it enters on a turn or starts its turn in the cloud’s room. Greater than likely, a creature captured in the cloud will certainly make sure to leave the damaged area, minimizing the chance for consistent damage. As well as once cast, it’s not likely an adversary creature will go into space by choice.

Cloud of Daggers Potential Abuse

That stated, there are several points worth considering. First, the damage is automated: there is no chance to miss out on with the spell or for the damage to be lowered by fifty percent with an effective conserving throw. That’s a pretty significant amount of reliable damage if you– or your event– are in some way able to maintain a creature in the spell’s area. Additionally, a creature might likewise take this damage several times in a round if it leaves and then returns to the 5-foot cube. Ultimately, although the cloud of daggers needs focus, you do not require to spend an action, or perhaps an incentive action, for it to continue dealing damage. This suggests you can remain to cast other, non-concentration spells, make attacks, and so on. So, although cloud of daggers has a restricted area of effect as well as the damage doesn’t appear as well considerable, this spell has a great deal of potential, especially if you can couple it with ways of maneuvering your opponents into/out of the cloud’s area.

Twinned Spell cloud of daggers?

Currently, let us look to spell mixes and also other capacities that will aid to make cloud of daggers a powerful option. The suggestion of using the sorcerer’s Twinned Spell met magic capacity may come to mind. However, the restriction on Twinned Spell is that it can only be used with spells which target a solitary creature, and also cloud of daggers does not generate a targeted effect.

5e cloud of daggers Builds and also Combos

The very best means for cloud of daggers to maximize its damage capacity is for your personality and/or the remainder of your party to maneuver your opponent’s right into and out of the area. Spell results that force targets to relocate, either by push or pull, are suitable. Thunder wave, thorn whip, lightning appeal, as well as eldritch blast with the Repelling Blast or Grasp of Hadar invocations are all low-level spells which can assist relocate your opponent into or out of the cloud. However, each of these only step the target up to ten feet in a straight line, so this strategy would necessitate the opponent remaining fairly close to the cloud’s area and also good positioning from you or your wheel ally. This might take place in confined quarters like a passage or hallway where the tanky party members can stop enemies from relocating as well much.

Generally, if you have a fighter, barbarian, paladin, etc. near the cloud of daggers effect, it’s probably a much better choice for such athletic personalities to merely grapple your opponent and also hold them in the effect rather. The Sentinel feat is also a wonderful way to stop opponents from relocating far from the area. Holding an opponent in the effect could likewise be completed by allies’ spellcasters using impacts that stop movement, immobilize, or limit. Hold person, web, entangle, and also Maximillian’s earthen grasp are some good alternatives here. If your celebration has time to prepare a trap or ambush, making use of an effect like mold planet might produce a little pit that conveniently fits the cloud of daggers, and even employing an ordinary bear catch might keep your adversary painfully pinned.


Eventually, cloud of daggers is type of a specific niche spell. To unlock the genuine capacity of this spell as something over a straightforward (and also limited) area control spell, you actually need some additional capabilities or spells that synergize well with it. Whether you provide these spells/abilities on your own or whether you collaborate with your party members depends on you. If the GM allows for adaptability when it comes to putting the spell’s area, that absolutely raises the energy of cloud of daggers. If you’re not worried as much with the spell’s total damage output, then it definitely has some excellent potential for enjoyable roguishness, along with its regular stamina’s of doing some guaranteed damage and also its ability to develop chokepoints.


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