How Music Can Affect Body And Mind?

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An understanding of the biological aspects of the sound begins with the understanding that changes the air vibration is actually a musical. Long before the establishment of ontogenetic and phylogenetic sound of music, acoustic phenomenon discovered already the values ​​of music therapy. This acoustic phenomenon makes people can appreciate and rediscover external noise and sound translates into the language of music.

How Music Can Affect Body And Mind (Pexels)

Sound of life

Acoustics, noise, vibration, and motor phenomena have been found since the ovum is fertilized by sperm to form a new man. At the moment there are various processes that surround the egg in the womb, produced by dynamic movement, have vibration, and have its own voice. For example, the sound produced by the lining of the uterus, heart rate, blood flow, whisper mother’s voice, the voice and breathing, movement and friction mechanisms in the body and mind, muscle movement, chemical processes and enzymes, as well as many others. All of these can be classified as a perfection of sound.

Music Approaches

Some approaches in music therapy believe that our body is the source of the sound and that the organs of the body and can be analogized as a set of musical instruments. The human body is actually loaded with sound. Biological process carried out by the organs of the body, for example the stomach or the heart produces a wide variety of sounds. Doctors can listen to these voices by using a stethoscope. Without the tools we cannot hear these sound, because the sounds are too irregular muted by cartilage in the inner ear.

On the other hand, if every organ of the body to function properly as a set of musical instruments produce a beautiful sound, then it should have produced is wonderful music. This means that our bodies healthy. Because of the music therapy is intended to align the performance of the organs that are affected, in order to function normally again.

Music Research

Since more than a century ago, research done by some doctors, a particularly expert in the field of Physiology shows the relationship between aspects of biology and music. Together Hector Berlioz (French composer) and M. Getry make observations regarding the performance of music on the pulse and blood circulation. It was reported that by playing percussion drums, will double the cardiac output.

At a rehabilitation center in America, the stroke patients were told to line up while listening to music rhythmic march through Walkman. Apparently, this kind of music can stimulate the brain. The goal of treatment is that the patient accustomed to the rhythms and needs of the inner ear be met. With this, over time they can move normally again even without music. The investigation showed motor coordination ability of the brain which had trained over time will show improvement.


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