Music in Total Relaxation

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Why we need listening to Music

Listening to relaxation music can reduce chronic pain, reducing the sensation of pain; relieve pain and prolonged postoperative pain. Very nice is used to reduce the consumption of medical drugs. Relaxation music gives control and causes the body to release endorphins to fight pain.

Listening to relaxation music or classic songs about 30 minutes every day can lower blood pressure / hypertension. Relaxation music is very effective in use to treat chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and others. This is the way and the tips are easy and cheap. Relaxing effect music can have a big impact on self-healing. Relaxation good music used to accelerate the recovery of health such as stroke and other diseases. Relaxation music can also enhance immune function.

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Music in Total Relaxation
Music in Total Relaxation

Music in Research

According to the study, relaxation music can inspire someone when creating an idea. Relaxation music can make better creativity because it has the power to develop higher brain functions. Relaxation music makes us enter a deep relaxed state and into the unconscious state, where memory is stored.

Studies show that listening to the tone of relaxed increase the intensity of concentration. Through music, we reduced muscle tension. Relaxation music also improves movement and coordination. It is not in doubt; listen to relaxation music can be an effective way of finding extra energy for the body. This can eliminate the fatigue caused by too much exercise and fatigue caused by repetitive and tedious work.

Listening to music while working can inspire us, most people work well and perform better at work when they are listening to music. Studies show that listening to music can make you relaxed, brain waves decreases, so that you sleep easier.


Listening to relaxation music not only calms the mind but also physical. Relaxation music helps in relaxing the muscles that tense because it was too old to work. It also helps release the tension caused by the challenging atmosphere. When listening to relaxation music, you will gradually feel your stress disappear. You will be more optimistic and positive.


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