Music Therapy Can Unite Troubled Family

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Families emotional problems

For families who have emotional problems, a music therapy can improve communication between parents and children so as to reduce the level of stress in the family. It has been tested by a study from Denmark.

In a small trial, a music therapy has a positive effect on families who have emotional problems in both verbal and nonverbal communication between children who are emotionally neglected and their parents. With music therapy is the parents who participated in music therapy will also be able to feel the stress of their children is reduced by following these music therapy.

Music Therapy Can Unite Troubled Family (canva)

Children who experience emotional neglect

“For children who experience emotional neglect, music therapy can give them an opportunity to be heard and responded to in a safe and fun with a context that is not threatening,” as said by music therapist, Kate Williams, as quoted from page Fox News.

Music therapy generally involves therapists, parents and children who play musical instruments together and listen to and discuss music or play music. “Being involved in music therapy with a trained therapist will give parents the opportunity to learn new skills in response to complaints of their children,” said study leader, Stine Jacobsen.


Tim Jacobsen said the study results are early and need to be repeated with a larger group. Families can also get some benefits without attending formal music therapy sessions. Musical experience shared between parents and children, such as listening to music together, singing and dancing is the development of a child and parenting skills as well. Jacobsen recommends starting early this musical bond.

“Singing together or sing to your baby or toddler can be a bonding activity that is very intimate and it comes naturally to some families. The earlier you start interacting with your child’s nonverbal, so the earlier you will also feel the benefits,” said Jacobsen.


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