Music Therapy Improve The Health of The Body

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Music therapy is the use of music as a means of therapy to repair, maintain, or improve the physical, mental, and emotional person.

This therapy is one way that is easy and beneficial to health of the body, intelligence and social interaction.

Music Therapy Improve The Health of The Body (Pexels Canva)

Music Therapy Progressed

Music therapy has progressed quite well known, largely due to the advocacy colleagues in the field, along with media coverage of a profession that is growing. Jodi Picoult comes to Berkley College to study music therapy to develop the main character – a music therapist – from his novel “Sing You Home”.

Reported COSMOSO, speech language pathologist and music therapist uses music therapy in practice, “I could use music to serve a variety of patients with different needs. Children with autism tend to pay more attention to the sound of the music of speech sounds (especially when they are very young), so I will use music to promote their language and cognitive development. In my work with hospital patients, I will use some soothing music that has a lulling rhythm to help even out of breath ragged them (which is sometimes very difficult for the family to watch) “. He explained.

Music Therapy Research

Writer physician Oliver Sacks collection of Writing ‘, as Musicophilia, introduces the story to the public that explains music’s ability to promote learning skills and recovery in the face of severe disability and trauma. Research in neuroscience has been supported by many observations’. For example, people who have suffered a stroke or have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease more able to walk while listening to rhythmic music. In the case of stroke, people who cannot speak often can sing. Singing is then used to facilitate the recovery of talk. This has been the case of Representative Gabby Giffords.

Music also has a positive effect on the development of a person’s emotions. Thus is revealed from research conducted by Saarikallio and Erkklia in 2007.


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