Potent Music Therapy Treat Stress and Depression

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Stress and depression have become a common disease in the modern world, with the bustle and daily routine can trigger someone’s depressed, stressed to point toward depression. A group of researchers found a simple way to relieve stress and even depression, namely music. According to them, the music is non-verbal communication that helps patients express their emotions.

Potent Music Therapy Treat Stress and Depression (Pixabay Canva)

Stress and Depression

Not long ago in a study, the results published in The British Journal of Psychiatry, applying the therapy for three months against 79 people. A total of 30 people from the group were given music therapy for 20 sessions with a trained music therapist and involves instruments such as drums. During treatment all depressed patients receiving standard counseling and appropriate medication. The result is staggering, it turns out recovery was higher in patients receiving music therapy than patients receiving standard therapy.

Music, according to experts, is able to involve people who have trouble communicating with the words though. Music therapy is also used to help children who are difficult to talk. Playing musical instruments and singing with the guidance of a trained music therapist helps children express themselves. Professor Christian Gold, from the University of Jyvaskyla said, “Experiments show music therapy and standard treatment to help reduce depression and anxiety,” said Gold, quoted by BBC news station.

According to experts in Music Therapy

According to experts, music therapy has specific qualities that allow people to express themselves and interact in a non-verbal way. Even in situations when they cannot find words to describe their inner experiences, they can express it through music.

Dr. Mike Crawford, who specializes in mental health services at Imperial College London, said the study showed that music can improve mood and general functioning of people with depression. Music is a social decision pleasant and meaningful. Music makes people connect to each other even without words.


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