Uses Music Therapy to Reduce The Pain of Childbirth

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Fear of pain during vaginal delivery led researchers to seek out things that cause pain in order to find ways to overcome them. They then found that the cause of the pain of tension and pain. Therefore, uses music therapy to reduce the pain, a pregnant woman should feel relaxed and at ease during childbirth.

Listen to Music to Reduce the Pain of Childbirth

Uses-Music Therapy to Reduce The Pain of Childbirth (@Dominika Roseclay – Pexels)

One way to become calmer during labor is to listen to music. This method is called with music therapy. The music used is music that yoga meditation music. When music is listened to, the nervous system and the brain will process nodes. This is what will make your metabolism increases and becomes better. If the immune system increases, the body will become stronger to face the pain that will be experienced by pregnant women.

In addition, this therapy will also allow you to express your feelings, make you a better mood, relieve stress, reduce pain and allow you to think positively. All of these things will definitely make you feel more relaxed during childbirth so that the pain can be reduced.

The music therapy you listen to while giving birth also will make your attention is diverted. By doing so, then you will not remember and feel again the pain that you might feel if you do not listen to music. Music also will make you more relaxed and make the condition of the body to function perfectly.


During delivery, you will definitely feel scared, anxious but happy. In addition, the contraction that occurs when you give birth will also cause pain. The closer the time of delivery, the contractions will be stronger, the longer and also getting sick. This pain occurs in the back of the waist up to the stomach. Another thing that also causes pain in childbirth is the opening.

One way to mitigate the pain is to perform music therapy. Music therapy helps a pregnant woman to prepare mentally and physically during labor. You can consult this to your doctor.


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